Friday, January 4, 2008


For some time now we've been looking for a new office in Connecticut, a bit reluctantly giving up the ease and comfort of working out of our home in Weston, but a place a bit more accessible to many of our clients and away from the barking of Baxter and Bibi (our dogs, in case you had any doubts). Looking for something a bit special, a place to frame and hang some of our work as well as a relaxed and inviting atmosphere to meet people. The ultimate dream being a New York-feeling loft, not unlike the lofts I had in the City in my advertising photo days.

As my search intensified I focused in on South Norwalk, the exciting and rapidly up and coming "Sono", just off of I-95 and just over the bridge from Westport/Norwalk. Fifteen minutes from our house, filled with great restaurants, fun stores and a generally great vibe, I think those of you who know Sono will agree. And by a stroke of good luck, good timing and good friends, Jon and Brittany, whose wedding we were fortunate enough to have photographed this past summer and who were in the process of looking for someone to take their place in their Sono "loft", we found what I hope you'll agree is the perfect little taste of NYC, big windows, tall ceilings and even brick walls.

And so move we did and finally we're furnished and ready for action. And thought now was the perfect time to announce the move (new year, new website, new office. Yikes!) and show you a few photos and hope that you'll visit soon. Let me know what you think.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2008 to all my dear friends and family and to all of you I've yet to meet as well. And welcome to both my new website and my new (and first) blog. and here's my first new year's resolution: I promise not to bore you with excessive blog talk, but hopefully you'll enjoy some of my latest photos. And to start with I want to share some "snaps" from our wonderful New Year's eve wedding with Betsy and Andy. What an amazing couple and what an incredible celebration. Keep the party going!
thanks for including me B&A.