Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Out with the old and in with the New!

Excited to announce the release of my very new blog. But if you think you'll find it here if you keep reading, well, you'll be wrong. You'll need to go to our new blog site,, which I hope you'll do now and do often. I hope you'll like the new site and that you'll let me know what you think. Thanks for taking the time to check it out. bp

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baxter's Birthday

We've been so busy working on our very new and very exciting new Blog, soon to be unveiled (stay tuned), that there simply hasn't been an opportunity to update you on this one, but today seemed like a must blog day, being that it's our best friend's 13th birthday. Seems like yesterday he was this cute little puppy, getting into lots of trouble around the house with his buddy Murphy. So happy birthday Baxter. Many more, ok, old buddy?!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lindsay and Blaine's Wonderful Winter Wedding Celebration

We had the good fortune to spend this past Saturday night with some very special people at a very extraordinary winter celebration.  Congratulations to both Lindsay and Blaine and their lovely families for including us in their incredible wedding extravaganza at the beautiful Weeburn Country Club in Darien, Connecticut. And special thanks to the Club's terrific event coordinator Sarah Lessard, our dear friend wedding coordinator Kathie Rowland, the exquisite, as always, floral arrangements of Peter and Chris of Elegant Effects and extra special thanks to the multi-talented photographer Jason Weaver, who-as always- was a major contributor to helping me capture this very wonderful celebration.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kathy Griffin at MSG

With love and thanks to our dear friends, Barbara and David, an amazing evening of hilarious laughter watching Kathy Griffin at Madison Square Garden last night. Ok, back to work now.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lushe's Sono Diner

Those of you with whom I've spoken lately know that I've been very excited by the opening of the new diner in South Norwalk,  just a stone's throw from my offices in "The Corset Factory".
Well I thought it was time that I shared my secret with the masses and so here are some photos I popped in to take this morning. Featured here are Danielle and Lushe. Lushe Gjuraj was the owner of the wonderful Sono restaurant Habana, which was in the same location as the new diner. She's also the proud owner of the Parkway  Diner, Spazios and Quattro Regale all in Stamford as well as Ocean Drive, soon to reopen, in South Norwalk. But nothing could be more to my own personal liking than the comfort food of a great diner. Breakfast being my  most favorite meal of all (Lushe's pancakes are amazing), Sono diner is destined to be my home away from home as well as my favorite new place to meet friends. So don't be surprised to receive a call from  me soon with an invite to join me down at Lushe's. The address is 70 N. Main Street, South Norwalk, just doors away from the movie theater and a block from the Maritime Aquarium. Check it out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Moon over Weston

Loved this one recent night sky forming over our house and thought it was worth sharing.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Coming soon courtesy of your local wedding photographer

While many of you have no doubt heard about the newest Canon 5D Mark II camera that shoots Hi Definition Video as well as extraordinary still images, the ability of the built-in mike to capture sound worth listening to is seriously limited.  So thanks to B&H photo I bring you the very latest in discreet, unobtrusive and fly on the wall wedding photojournalism. Never say never, but don't expect to see me anytime soon walking around with this in your face. I promise.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Paul Simon in concert at the Beacon Theater

Well I don't think it could  have been a better way to spend Valentines Day then getting to see Paul Simon in concert at NY's newly renovated Beacon Theater. While my I-phone photos might not quite do the moment justice, it was truly an incredible concert, with Simon presenting both the familiar and the new. His voice is as pure and as young as we'd all like to remember it and the evening show-cased the extraordinary range of his illustrious career and talent. And what a beautiful "new" theater they've created at the Beacon. A great place to see any concert. Happy Valentine's Day to all.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"And the winner is...."

Well, as we all know, you've got to play to win and leave it the lovely Traci Romano to not only enter our contest, but hit it on the first try. 
As many of you already know, prior to starting our wedding and event photography business (incredible to me that it's been ten quick years since we did) I spent many years in NYC as a magazine and advertising photographer. Much of this time was spent photographing kids for national ads, magazine covers and fashion catalogs. Without a doubt one of our favorite models was one Jennifer Connelly. When we first met Jennifer she was all of ten years old, but from that first session it was obvious that this was no ordinary kid. Clearly gorgeous, even at ten, but poised, personable, smart (she always said she wanted to be a doctor) and perhaps most significantly, for our purposes at the time, a "natural" who moved with the grace and self-assurance of a much older and more experienced model. Well, so much for the Dr. Connelly, but nevertheless the kid turned out ok.
The "contest" photo, by the way, was from perhaps our last shoot together, maybe she was 13 or 14. It was this wonderful day of photos that we were commissioned to take for Trimfit Stockings. The art director was our good friend and incredibly talented designer Martha Voutas, now Martha Voutas Donegan and the fashion stylist was the amazing Kate Moody.
It was shot on a farm in New Jersey and the other models that day were our own super dog Duncan (the bearded collie) and another young girl named Yasmine Bleeth, later of "Bay Watch" fame.  Jennifer and Yasmine to this day must both say to themselves "they knew me when".

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Name this "child model" contest

 A little winter interlude. Pulling from the archives, part of a fun fashion shoot I was involved in a "few" years ago. First person to name the model featured here will be the recipient of an I-tunes gift certificate from yours truly. Here's a hint, you most likely DO know her, although not personally. No participation by family members, anyone involved in the photo session or family members of anyone involved in the photo session will be allowed. Send your answer in the "comment" section to qualify. One guess per person.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Taking it to the streets as another wonderful wedding season rapidly approaches

Thanks to the wonderfully fun Julia and Jay, these are some results from our engagement session last year. Their wedding day at the Maritime Center in South Norwalk, Ct.  is now quickly approaching and so how appropriate that we should hit the streets of "SONO" to capture some of these terrific photos. Ever since my early days in NYC, I've always loved taking to the streets for my pictures and with our office now in South Norwalk it's a great thrill to be able to just pop outside and experience a mini taste of the city streets.  In anticipation of  Spring (it will be here shortly, trust me!) and their sure to be exciting wedding day I share a few of the moments that we had together.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ashley and Mike's Winter Wedding

Congratulations are in order to Ashley and Mike on their wonderful winter wedding celebration last weekend. The ceremony at the chapel on Wesleyan University's campus and the celebration at the lovely River House in Haddam, Ct.  Could there be a more beautiful bride?
What a great way to start the new year.